Aging in Place is the concept of Making Your Home More Accessible. More Organized and More Secure. That Is The Goal Anyways!!!

You can do this in a variety of ways. First is Update. Especially with older homes Cabinets, Closets, Doors, and even Light or plumbing Fixtures need to be updated to Fit your needs. This starts with doing small handyman projects like hanging grab bars throughout your home up to major bathroom and kitchen remodels done with the elderly and disabled in mind.

I am a Stairlift installer, New Home Construction and Remodelling Construction Company Owner and a color blind handyman with depth perception issues, and Fear of Heights with some claustrophobia in there somewhere. So i know a few things about not being able to do things Like you should, But with that said i also know a few things that you can do or products you can use to Make your Life simpler. I find it is better to share what i know than to show what i can do with my physical limitations…..

Once your home is functional. Going from a home you can barely get around in with disabilities and Things that come with age and you get to a place where you can live comfortably even with disabilities. Then you focus on security. Im not talking Financial well being and investments. No, im talking about Making your home Safe and Convenient for those times when things dont go so Good (I’ve Fallen and I cant Get up!!!!!)

So we add in Smart speakers and wireless devices to keep with you or at least within earshot….and last but certainly not least is Protecting your home from the opportunistic ones (Thieves, Burgalars, and other Malicious Varments) So you can Live your best life Well, At Least a better and more Worry Free Life.

My name is Vic Rhodes owner of Rhodes Quality Construction LLC. Let us see what we can do to help. Visit us at www.RQCconstruction.us and Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rqc.carpentry

Check out our Slowely Growing Line of Products with our Affiliate partner AMAZON in Vic’s Variety Store.


With all we do, we Will Try to Help You….

As always, Have a Blessed Day!!!!!

Legacy II stairlift

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